Party in Phuket

If you are not familiar with google flights yet and their “explore destinations” feature, it is an absolute wonderful tool. Kayak has a similar one, but the google one has a lot more filters to sort through. Using this to narrow down my next destination with my only one requirement, the flight must cost less than $50 USD. Cue Phuket. Phuket was not originally a destination I had much interest in. Wanting a change of scenery and with my desire to meet some people I said, why not! Lets go to Phuket! I land in Phuket hire a car and off we go from the airport.  Fun fact I saw two elephants walking down the side of the road as if they were pedestrians on the side-walk… what the?!


Going into my time in Phuket I was planning on staying a while and island hopping around. That is not how the story ended up going though. Check into my hostel and given the social atmosphere it would very difficult not to meet people. The outdoor market is decided on for dinner and the food was phenomenal! My words will actually not give this place justice.

sorry its blurry
sorry its blurry

It is a decent walk from Bangla Rd. in Patong, about 15-20 minutes. It is amazing how large the portions are and how delicious this food is for a measly 85 baht ($2.35 USD).

fried mama, seafood fried rice, chicken skewers, and some skewer which was a gross between a crab and a lobster...
fried mama, seafood fried rice, chicken skewers, and some skewer which was a cross between a crab and a lobster.  Interesting.

Definitely a must stop at place if wanting a delicious meal without paying the tourist prices. Bangla Rd is going to be the main “party strip”. So if that is not what you are into I would probably avoid this area at all costs. Nothing more than bars, clubs, and being harassed by people selling “ping pong” type shows. Save yourself the visual and don’t go to one.

With a couple of friends I had met in my hostel we lay low for the next day and spend it wandering around Patong and laying on the beach. Dressed and ready to go we grab dinner at the market again and make our way out to Bangla Rd and a must stop at bar, Best Friends Bar. The staff is beyond amazing and sits and plays games with you to keep you entertained and keep the party going.

If you ever see this game… play it!  So much fun!
If you ever see this game… play it! So much fun!

This night ended quite a bit later than I would have liked which made getting up for my island hopping day trip to James Bond island quite difficult.

Getting to the pier is about an hour or so by minivan. The minivan is also included in the price of the package. Take note that when you get out of the minivan you are handed a sticker – you need this sticker! I cannot emphasize this enough. They handed it to me and I had no idea why and of course threw it out. Come time to load the boat you go in the direction, which your sticker said. It had a number on it, who knew? After walking on to a random boat, being taken off this boat, and finally someone calling my name over a mega phone speaker in front of everyone to find me, I made it to my boat… boat #7. I obviously ended up becoming really good friends with the crew after this, “Briana! Are you sure you’re on the right boat?!” Hahaha no Milley, I am not sure I am on the right boat!

The island hopping lasts about six hours in total, this does not include van commute time. During those six hours you will make four stops at islands for views, canoeing through caves, swimming and of course a homemade Thai lunch. Sadly my camera died after two photos so I was not able to get much on film.

James Bond Island
James Bond Island

The day closes and after the ridiculous night I had the day before, going out was not an option. Found some dinner and a wonderful foot spa and called it a day. Feeling like I couldn’t stay in Phuket any longer after all the debauchery I decide to go about on my merry way back to Bangkok to get in just a little bit more alone time before I head back to the states.

Next Stop – Bangkok, Again.

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