The Dark Side of Bangkok…

is truly a wonderful sight to see.  After some much-needed rest 7 o’clock pm rolled around and it was time to get in at least one stop for the day. This one stop was something I had read about online and luckily was only a five-minute walk from me. Red Sky in the Cantara Grand Hotel, it is attached to Central World. Once inside Central World follow the red signs with arrows to Centara Grand. Take the elevator to the 23rd floor then exit to the other main hotel elevator and take that to the top of the hotel, the elevator button doesn’t have a number, simple says Red Sky on it. Go all the way up and prepare for a stunning 360° view of Bangkok.





At some point the following day while browsing the internet I came across a night bike tour of the temples. Seeing as how I have already seen the temples they were going to it took me a bit to decide if this was something I really wanted to do. Mind you it was also a 13 km bike ride (8 miles.) I thought to myself, “if I had someone to do this with would I go? Yes, I would go… So go do it then!” I booked it that minute and two hours later it was time to go. This tour was without a doubt one of the best decisions I have made of this trip. A professional guide with a group of ten of us and off we go. Wandering around the back small streets of Bangkok there are shops, restaurants, bars, and houses as far as the eye can see. Definitely not something I had seen up close with taking the train everywhere.

We make it to the river cross over and first stop is Wat Arun, The Temple of Dawn. Sadly they are currently renovating it so it was not lit up as I had hoped, but still beautiful none-the-less.



Second stop was Wat Prayoon. The lanterns currently surrounding it only made it that much more beautiful.


FullSizeRender 1

Crossing back over the river and it was time for a quick bite to eat off a street stall and the flower market. This flower market is the largest in Thailand and is truly quite the visual.


FullSizeRender-38        FullSizeRender-37


Food of choice was grilled pork with sticky rice, costing a ridiculous $.50 USD and for dessert a vegetarian dish made from tapioca with coconut, bean and sugar paste.  Both were beyond delicious.

FullSizeRender-35        FullSizeRender-36

The next and final stop on our agenda is Wat Pho. During this bike tour you do not get to go into the temples to see things such as the reclining Buddha, but that does not stop it from being less beautiful.




20 minute ride back to the shop and we call it a night. Altogether the entire ride takes about four hours. If you find yourself in Bangkok at night and looking for a different kind of experience I would definitely say go for this. It is not a tough bike ride and is very well spread out so people of all fitness levels can enjoy it!


6 thoughts on “The Dark Side of Bangkok…

  1. You go girl! I’m so excited for you and love to hear all about your adventures.

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  2. Have you been or are you going to Cambodia?


    1. I have not and sadly am leaving to go back tomorrow! Been a great 7 weeks and did leave a few countries to come back for! Cambodia being one of them!


  3. Nice post. Love the pictures, especially that white stupa (Wat Praayon) with paper lamp.

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