Modern Bangkok

Now that I have all the historical Bangkok covered to my liking it is time to discover modern Bangkok. Siam Center and Siam Paragon is next on my list. This large and modern mall is truly a sight to see.


There is elephant art currently scattered every where which is available for sale and the extravagant Christmas decorations remind you that even though it is 90 degrees, it really is almost Christmas.


FullSizeRender copy


If food is what you are after inside Siam Paragon on the ground floor and 4th floor you will find a very large selection of restaurants and options to eat. After spending a few hours in Siam Paragon I finally head back to my neck of the woods and dinner is decided through the amazing reviews of a backyard hamburger hut called Paper Butter.


If you find your self in Ari station (the hipster less touristy part of town) this is definitely something to seek out if you want a really fantastic burger. Ari station also has The Villa mall if you want a more vibrant atmosphere and more options.

My overall feeling about Bangkok is I would definitely come back!  Mind you I would come back with people instead of alone to get the full effect and to try out the night life, but overall not a bad stop on my adventure!

Next Stop – Phuket, Thailand

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  1. I was glad to hear about the mall . We did not get there to tried out. The elephants remind me of Chicago’s cows. Great fun to look at.

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