Ba Ba Bali

Following a four-hour flight delay and 10 hours of airport time (post soon to come of what all goes wrong during travel, haha) I finally reached Bali. With another hour and a half drive ahead of me it felt like I would never reach Ubud. After what I consider the most terrifying cab ride of my life (someone actually crashed a scooter in front of us) I checked into my hostel and got situated.  As 10 pm hits I am enjoying a local dinner of Nasi Goreng (chicken fried rice) and it was lights out in Ubud. Morning comes and I find a great cafe to enjoy my daily iced long black (Americano) and it’s off to the monkey forest.




Walking and snapping photos through the monkey forest can only keep one occupied for so long, so about 20 mins later I went back to make my way to the rice terraces which are absolutely beautiful.




Back in Ubud I find a great local restaurant and enjoy two kinds of chicken satay (one with peanut sauce and one grilled) and a dish called Babi Kecap (pork with sweet soy and chilli). Delicious. Next on the agenda is Jungle Forest. This small villa resort has an infinity pool unlike anything I’ve ever seen. With a $150,000 rupiah spending minimum ($10.50 usd) you can enjoy the pool and view for as long as you want that day.

photo by gonetravelling


Ubud is definitely a place to relax and unwind with stunning views of nature. If you are into yoga, meditation, and relaxation – Ubuds the place to go!

Wanting more of a nightlife I decide to cut my Ubud trip two days short to go see another part of the island, Kuta. Kuta definitely has a “spring break” feel to it we all have experienced at least once in our life. Highlight of Kuta was the seafood dinner on the beach for my first sunset of the trip.
Starting with a lobster soup then to calamari, prawns, crab, white snapper and wine. At the end of the day not too much happened in Bali and for that reason I say, yes it is amazingly beautiful – but, I’m ready for the Philippines!
Next Stop – Boracay, Philippines

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