R&R on Pulau Sibu Island, Malaysia

After the whirlwind destination stops of Hong Kong and Singapore, both of which were not longer than 48 hours, the island of Pulau Sibu off the east coast of Malaysia is my next stop. This destination I will be with a group of people whom I have yet to meet. We find our van pick up location and with a three-hour van ride a head of us its time to get comfortable. We get to the boat and off we go, boating off into the 10 o’clock pitch-black ocean abyss. After about 20 minutes we arrive to a few lights on the beach and hop in the water to make our way to shore. We are greeted by a fantastic staff with a local rum cocktail and get settled in for the evening. It was quite exhilarating to drive off into the darkness and have no idea what your surroundings are, only to wake up in the morning and be blown away by where you actually are. Definitely not something I have ever experienced.



We are staying at Sea Gypsy Village on the east side of the island in a chalet on the beach. Needless to say I was not mad about the decision to come here or accommodations.




The resort offers a list of daily activities like hikes, fishing, and sunset cruises. They also have scuba diving, kayak rentals, snorkeling rentals and boogie boards to rent. Our daily routine consists of waking up to a freshly made breakfast, beach time, lunch, more beach time, and then dinner. Definitely an easy and simple routine anyone could get use to. Overall not too much to report other than that… had a lot of time for reflection and some loneliness of missing home, but all in all, keep moving forward!

Next stop – Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

3 thoughts on “R&R on Pulau Sibu Island, Malaysia

  1. Looks fabulous! And, don’t miss home too much…home is always there waiting for you. See the world instead!

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  2. Briana! I am having so much fun catching up on your blog! Oh my gosh! I have tears of happiness reading all of these! This looks beautiful!

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