Made in America LA

The infamous Made in America festival made one appearance in Los Angeles in 2014.  I had absolutely no intention on going until about 48 hours prior.  Some of my closest friends reached out and asked if I had any desire to go given I had just done Tomorrowland four weeks prior.  I contemplated and decided… meh, why not?  I hop on stub hub and luckily was able to find a weekend pass for a mere $10 more than the original price.  Not too shabby.  I did have a panic attack when they only sent me one day pass instead of the two day passes, but luckily stub hub happily fixed the issue.

My go to festival boots.
My go to Festival Boots.  Amazon only $60!!!

Out of the festivals I have done this has been the most, “poorly planned/operated” one.  I think due to it being done in Los Angeles for the first time they had a few kinks to fix if they did it again… but lone behold they did not come back to LA for 2015.  On each ticket there was a gate name, giving you the impression you had to enter that specific gate.  Our hotel of course was on the opposite side of the gate name we were given so had to find our way to the other side of the festival to enter.  Only to get there and find out you can enter any gate you want… well that’s convenient, isn’t it.

Walking through DTLA during the day not so bad… Nighttime… Totally different story.
Walking through DTLA during the day not so bad… Night time… Totally different story.

Downtown Los Angeles in itself is an interesting place to hold a festival.  Every other festival I have done has been in a large wide open area.  As you can imagine that is not how downtown is set up.  They would not allow drinks outside of the beer gardens which was an interesting thing and the lines to the beer garden were in one word – ridiculous.  When I say ridiculous I don’t mean a 10 minute wait… I mean more like an hour.  The only positive to waiting that long was there was no restriction on how many drinks you could buy.  You could buy as many as you could carry… so we did just that.

Start of Beer Garden
Start of Beer Garden


End of Beer Garden
End of Beer Garden

After spending a good amount of time in the beer garden it was time to get our music on.  Captial Cities, Rita Ora, Weezer, Kendrick Lamar, Kanye West, John Mayer, Steve Ayoki, Imagine Dragons, and my personal favorite Afrojack.

Afrojack Set
Afrojack Set

Despite the poorly executed stage set ups and the lines we had to go through I would absolutely do this festival again.  The close proximity, no hassle travel to have this good of a time is a no brainer for me.  Should Made in America decide LA is worthy to return to, you can likely guess I will be there.


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