Next Stop

This will be short and sweet.  I have been in Manila far longer than I intended to be, which quite frankly I have James and Camila to thank for that.  They have truly been a blessing when it comes to this journey and I cannot thank them enough.  I spent two days doing research regarding where I want to go and what I want to see, as well as what makes the most sense financially and emotionally.  I have googled Europe to go to Spain which I am dying to go to, as well as a return trip to Portugal (so far my favorite city.)  I have googled going back to the U.S to travel around cities I have yet to experience and have a desire to see.  Feeling unsure I wanted to stay in Asia I did as much research as one can do and lone behold my wondering mind cannot let go of seizing the destinations and opportunities which are just a short distance away.  My next stop will keep me in Asia just a little bit longer…

Next Stop – Bangkok, Thailand

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