Bonjour Paris

Paris Paris Paris.  The city of love, museums, fantastic espresso, and a very creepy rum bar with rum punch referred to as “douche bag punch” (because it turns the people who drink it into douche bags.  No, I didn’t make that up – this is how the bartenders refer to it, hahaha)


This was a very quick trip for us and kind of came and went like a whirlwind.  We had just landed from Portugal and only had a day and half to explore prior to our train leaving for Brussels to get to Tomorrowland.  With so little of time we hopped on the Ferry tour to see the main attractions of Paris.

The Arc of Triomphe


The Louvre Pyramid and The Louvre


Love Lock Bridge (they sell the locks on the bridge so do not worry about bringing one.)

And of course, The Eiffel Tower


My personal opinion of Paris – I am not dying to go back like some other places I have been.  It is a gorgeous and a beautiful city, absolutely, but after the day and a half of museums and seeing the things you “should see” I had my fill.  Bring on Tomorrowland!!!



2 thoughts on “Bonjour Paris

  1. I spent a similar amount of time in Paris and also felt like I had seen what I wanted and didn’t feel rushed trying to fit it all in. I would love to go back though…to wonder around the narrow streets and eat some more crepes from the stalls. Such a romantic city!

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    1. Completely agree. I would do another quick stop there and enjoy other things the city has to offer now that the main attractions are out of the way. 🙂


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