Cabo San Lucas, No College Required

So I have to be honest.  I am not entirely sure my dad and I thought this entire trip through prior to booking it… haha, but we did it.  We booked a trip to Cabo San Lucas for the last week in March.  Crazy. I know.  Every spring breaker and their mother was going to Cabo San Lucas.  Well likely not their mothers, but I was with my dad so you never know.  This was a very last-minute abruptly planned trip to celebrate my birthday for the following week.

When you arrive in Cabo do not be surprised if you see a kiosk outside of the terminal giving away shots.  I feel like this is normal, haha.  I find my dad anxiously awaiting my arrival in the waiting area (surprisingly as there was a full bar outside.)  We grab a quick drink and take it (yes take it) in the van with us.  Apparently this is expected/normal/who knows.  We check into our hotel and get to our room.  My dad, god bless him, got us the last room with a walk out patio to the pool area.


Fully equipped with a swim up bar.  Happy hours in Cabo are where it’s at.  If it isn’t 2 for 1, don’t bother.  It is far too common to find crazy good deals like that then not.  Also, I would recommend always paying in Pesos.  Most places will give you the total in USD however it is based on their personal conversion rate.  So one place may give you a $15 conversion while another may give you $12.  Something to just keep in mind if you are keeping track of your spending closely.

As for our accommodation we opted for a boutique hotel about 1 block off the beach.  We couldn’t have asked for a better set up.  Not too many spring breakers, even had some people who were working abroad at our hotel, but close enough to everything during the day.   As you can see here my dad was very into this machine and pretending to hide behind it on our initial walk down.  Gotta love him!


We ended up finding what I believe to be the best fish tacos I have ever had just off the beach (Sadly I don’t have a photo of the dish), but it was a grilled sea bass with a chili oil sauce… to die for.  Be fully prepared for people to try to sell you things, constantly.  I even found they had more vendors than Boracay and Boracay has a lot.  It gets quite annoying to be honest, but of course, you sign up for that when you choose such a touristy destination.  As we chatted about our options for the next couple of days one of us mentioned “four wheelers?!”  UH… YES…  Done.

We pull up trip advisor and start doing some research.  A newer company about 30 minutes outside of Cabo is what we decide on.  Everyone rages about how nice they are and how there is what is called a “white lion” on the premise.  Well this should be interesting.  We call and book two single-seater tours which is about 2 hours long.  They pick you up in a complimentary van to take you to the starting point.  You start in the mountains and end up going along the beach – it was wonderful.


If you have never done wheelers before, be warned, your thumb/hands will hurt.  It was only about 30 minutes and I was feeling the burn in my hand.  The guide was beyond friendly answering any questions we had and even brought a cooler of waters for us during the trip.  Our trip ended short of two hours however after the pain in my thumb I was completely fine with it.  We make our way back and that is when he mentions the lions.  On the far side of the property there is a very large cage and he says we will be feeding the lions, hmmmmm.  Again.. this should be interesting.  We are instructed to take our sunglasses off since there is an issue with them not being able to see your eyes.  We walk into the back of the cage and there they are…


I cannot tell you how beautiful they were.  They had been raising them since they were cubs and while I am not crazy about animals in captivity, they truly were a sight to see.


I mean… just look at those eyes.  Wow.  Like something out of The Chronicles of Narnia.

Our last day is fast approaching and the only other thing I really wanted to do was paddle board.  Paddle boarding is by far my favorite water sport to do and if you have not tried it – I would highly recommend it.  My legs were quite shaky the first time I tried it, but every time there after, has been wonderful and it progressively gets easier.  My dad was able to get this great shot of me while he stayed on the beach.


So much more happened during this trip, mostly drunken adventures of dad and I and exploring the city.  Touristy or not… It was a solid adventure and a great way to bring in a birthday!  Did a lot of firsts and spent some real quality time with dad, so what more could a girl ask for?!


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